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    Periodic inspection or Revision of PPE

    So that PPE equipment (personal protective equipment against falling) can be
    used for work at heights and above free depth,
    it must be inspected at least once every 12 months by the manufacturer or a professional
    qualified - inspection technician. Requirements for periodic PPE inspections are governed by the EN 365 standard.

    The result of the PPE review is:
    Report on the periodic inspection of personal protective equipment against falling.

    – The material submitted for review must be clean, free of gross impurities.

    – In the case of dirty or unprepared equipment (ZigZag on a rope, LockJack, SpiderJack on a rope...) a fee of CZK 100/piece is added to the price of the revision.

    Cleaning and lubrication of carabiners / clutches is included in the price of the periodic inspection.

    – Deliver ropes for inspection without knots. Otherwise, we charge an additional charge for untying according to the hourly rate of CZK 800/h.

    – Repair, replacement of parts and other interventions not mentioned above: CZK 800/h (Does not include the price of spare parts!)

    – Minimum price of a periodic inspection with drawing up of a protocol: CZK 500.

    – A heavily soiled product cannot be revised.

    The prices are shown without VAT of 21%. Prices subject to change.

    Price list

    Helmet (protective work, climbing) 100 CZK
    Full body harness 180 CZK
    Arborist harness 160 CZK
    Positioning (seat) harness 120 CZK
    Chest harness / Waist belt / Evacuation triangle CZK 70
    Positioning belt (incl. connecting means and couplings) 150 CZK
    Textile rope 4 CZK/m
    Fall arrester (Petzl ASAP, SR Locker, CT Easy Move, ...) CZK 50
    Fall absorber (SR Joule, Petzl AsapSorber, ...) CZK 50
    Fall arrester with connector CZK 70
    Fall arrester with connector and couplings 110 CZK
    Positioning device (set: rope, positioning device, coupling) 100 CZK
    Textile fastener (sewn loop, express, ...) CZK 30
    Connecting device with loops up to 10 m inclusive CZK 50
    Connecting device with meshes up to 20 m inclusive 100 CZK
    Connecting device with loops up to 30 m inclusive 150 CZK
    Fastener with couplings CZK 80
    Chainsaw fastener CZK 60
    Chainsaw fastener with couplings 90 CZK
    Chainsaw positioning tool with positioner and couplings 120 CZK
    Express loop 20 CZK
    Anti-Trauma loop CZK 60
    Textile anchoring device (prusik, sewn loop, ...) CZK 30
    Textile anchoring device with couplings CZK 80
    Metal anchoring device (plate, anchor) CZK 60
    Cambium saver circular solid CZK 60
    Cambium saver circular adjustable 100 CZK
    Cambium saver roller (ART, Teufelberger) 120 CZK
    Carabiner / Clutch 25 CZK
    Pulley 25 CZK
    Pulley with blocker CZK 40
    Swivel hinge - swivel CZK 40
    Positioning device (ISC Rope Grab, Petzl Micro Grab, ...) CZK 60

    Abseiling device - brake (Petzl RIG, I'D, TAZ Lov2, Singing Rock SIR, ...)

    CZK 80

    Arborist abseiling device (ZigZag, SpiderJack, LockJack,
    Akimbo, RopeRunner, ...)

    90 CZK
    Blocker / Positioner (Petzl Croll, Ascension, CT Quick Up, ISC Rope Grab ...) CZK 60
    Retractable fall arrester up to 3.0 m inclusive 400 CZK
    Retractable fall arrester over 3.0 m 600 CZK
    Rescue system 300 CZK
    Vertical restraint system (with fall arrester) 180 CZK
    Horizontal securing system 180 CZK
    Rider Söll - Fall Arrestor 500 CZK
    Airbag catcher 120 CZK
    Surcharge for immediate periodic inspection of PPE while waiting 600 CZK
    Development of the revision protocol 200 CZK
    Transportation of the inspection technician 14 CZK/km
    Time of the inspection technician on the way 600 CZK/h
    Shipping costs if the revised equipment is sent back 120 CZK




































    Ordering and progress of the PPE review

    To arrange an OOPP review date, contact us by e-mail:
    alternatively, contact us by phone at the number: +420 737 049 489 .
    Especially if you are in a hurry to revise, it will be better
    call us so that we can clarify the time options and meet your needs as much as possible.
    In the event that some PPE needs to be discarded, we will contact you by phone,
    to anticipate the situation and have the possibility to replace this equipment. Of course you
    we will recommend and offer suitable alternative products to your workers
    nothing important for work was missing.

    What do we need from you?

    1) Order
    2) Contact person - name, phone, e-mail
    3) Billing data

    Inspection site

    1. Revision with us (BRNO)
    Bring or send us the equipment you need revised
    to our office at: SKYMAN.CZ, Špitálka 421/23a, 602 00 Brno

    2. Revision at the customer's place
    OOPP is not a problem to revise directly in your company.
    For a specific arrangement, just contact us and we will agree on a date,
    when the inspection technician will come to you with the necessary equipment.

    Payment for revisions

    1) CASH when picking up the goods at our office in Brno.
    2) ON INVOICE with due date - payment by bank transfer after receiving the invoice - for our regular customers.
    3) CASH ON DELIVERY - you pay in cash or by card when you take over the revised equipment, which we will send you together with the revision protocol.

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